Honoka's practice session

Honoka did some practice today for μ's first concert ^^ I hope you enjoy the vid.. XD

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Matsuricon 2016

I took Honoka to Matusricon this month and seen some friends and met some new ones. ^^ I had a good time kigging with everyone and hopefully everyone will return next year~♪

tn_14074350_844966255634505_1596803758_o.jpg tn_14074524_844966248967839_1378202016_o.jpg

tn_20160820_133421.jpg tn_20160820_135508.jpg

tn_20160820_135632.jpg tn_20160820_135820.jpg

Offmeet at the new cottage and 11 year anniversary.

I recently got a new home and had my first offmeet there. ^^ It was also my kigurumi anniversary and my birthday during that time.

tn_IMG_3826.jpg tn_IMG_3828.jpg

tn_IMG_3832.jpg tn_IMG_3846.jpg

tn_IMG_3856.jpg tn_IMG_3854.jpg

Front Door

Maid Day メイドの日

Here's some pic of Honoka in her maid costume from Mogyutto "love" de Sekkin Chuu!

tn_IMG_3778.jpg tn_IMG_3800.jpg

tn_IMG_3808.jpg tn_IMG_3810.jpg

another old dance vid I did a while back ^^

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Hi, I'm Motoko Katsuragi. I'm a U.S. kigurumi cosplayer. My characters names are Yumi and Arisu. Welcome to my cottage.

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