Otakon 2014

I took Yumi and Arisu to Otakon, met up with some friends and made some new ones. ^_^
I must apologize for the quality of some of the pics since they were taken from different sources. ^_^;;

tn_10414525_567003446755366_95685123545001847_n_filtered.jpg tn_10562932_567003430088701_845750760823834456_n_filtered.jpg tn_10577055_10204766105052662_796654959859226573_n_filtered.jpg
tn_10596696_1465798977030709_416534957_o_filtered.jpg tn_10600422_567003463422031_7626506623092929552_n_filtered.jpg tn_10602141_1465557590388181_1919104419_o_filtered.jpg
tn_IMG_568146295995660_filtered.jpg tn_IMG_601562106196282_filtered.jpg


Motoko Katsuragi

Author:Motoko Katsuragi
Hi, I'm Motoko Katsuragi. I'm a U.S. kigurumi cosplayer. My characters names are Yumi and Arisu. Welcome to my cottage.

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