posting some vids youtube blocked in certain countries ^^;;

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New resident

There's a new resident here at the cottage, its Honoka Kosaka from µ's.
tn_IMG_3525.jpg tn_IMG_3527.jpg

tn_IMG_3528.jpg tn_IMG_3529.jpg

バニーの日 Bunny Day

I took some bunny pics with a couple of friends, hope you like them~♪

tn_100_1274.jpg tn_100_1320.jpg

tn_DSC01935.jpg tn_DSC01946.jpg

Front Door

offmeet with Hikari

Had a friend over a couple of weeks ago, her name is Hikari ^_^

tn_IMG_3204.jpg tn_IMG_3205.jpg

tn_IMG_3207.jpg tn_IMG_3208.jpg

tn_IMG_3213.jpg tn_IMG_3217.jpg

Min's cheongsam dress

I got a new camera last week. I took some pics of Min in her cheongsam dress. I did a few pics previously with my old camera but her face was always over exposed in the pics. It still get some over exposure with the new one, but it does a better overall job than the old one. I may need to get an external flash with a diffuser and start bouncing the flash off the ceiling or walls.
Hope you like the pics~ ^_^

tn_IMG_3159_filtered.jpg tn_IMG_3165_filtered.jpg

tn_IMG_3182_filtered.jpg tn_IMG_3196_filtered.jpg

Front Door


Motoko Katsuragi

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Hi, I'm Motoko Katsuragi. I'm a U.S. kigurumi cosplayer. My characters names are Yumi and Arisu. Welcome to my cottage.

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